💥 Tell Albuquerque City Council to pass the Rental Registry Ordinance! 

Everyone should have access to affordable housing. Unfortunately, Albuquerque is facing a housing-rental crisis. Nearly half of homes in Albuquerque are rentals, and costs have reached an all-time high in Albuquerque. The average single renter pays over $1,000 a month on rent – a 14% increase in just the last year.  At the same time, there is no comprehensive source of data on the rental market in Albuquerque, with detailed information about the availability and cost of rental units. 

The Albuquerque Rental Registry Ordinance, (O-22-59) proposed by Councilor Fieblkorn, will help the City develop policy solutions by collecting basic information about rentals through a landlords registry. The Ordinance will be heard by the City Council on May 1, 2023. Your input is needed to get it passed!

How to make your voice heard:

What you might say:

  • The Rental Registry Ordinance would allow the city to collect important information about our local rental market to address affordable housing and to promote the health and safety of our city. 
  • The lack of affordable housing is clear by the record number of evictions in Albuquerque. Over 150 evictions were filed in just the last week.
  • The City does not currently have the authority to collect  basic data such as who are landlords, what houses are they renting, and for how much. 
  • The Ordinance is an important first step in addressing our affordable housing crisis, by ensuring we can study it accurately.

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